Who we are


We are Sacred Heart Franciscan Community, a faith community of the Franciscans of the Sacred Journey. An independent, progressive Christian community, in the independent Catholic tradition, professing our faith in response to God's call to holiness. Sharing our Franciscan joy, building relationships by welcoming ALL !

We are a community that strives to be transformative. Responding to God's call to preach a Gospel of love, compassion, acceptance, liberation and justice. A community open to dialogue with all those who seek a Spirit-filled experience of God's unconditional love.

We welcome people who grew up in a Christian tradition, but feel they no longer fit or are fully welcomed in their church. We also welcome those of other faith traditions or no faith traditions at all, but who are searching for an inclusive and diverse faith community.

We seek to celebrate the love of God in all people. To the outcast, we offer inclusion; to the rejected, acceptance; to the afflicted, comfort; to the despondent, hope; to the troubled, peace !

A different and wonderful way of being Christian !
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Franciscan Profession Weekend